Detect Worst Performing SQL Queries During Peak Hour

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On 10th Oct 01.30 PM PST, I will be speaking on “Detect Worst Performing SQL Queries During Peak Hour” @ SQLSaturday, Orlando!!, If you are in the area I hope to see you!!

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SQLSaturday - Orlando - 10 Oct 2015

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Session: Detect Worst Performing SQL Queries During Peak Hour

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How many times you have been thrown in a situation when you have been asked to fix performance issues of a database system which you have never seen before? Where do you start tuning? When do you stop tuning? Each application is different. With the ever increasing number of systems one production DBA has to manage today, it’s very important to use TOP to BOTTOM approach to troubleshoot performance issues, which will lead to the answers in the right way for the application under consideration.

While you can find top queries, wouldn’t it be awesome if you can find out which ones are the exact queries taking most of the resources in last hour in current situation without using profiler or causing any additional load on system? Now you can focus on those specific queries!

In these 60 minutes, Prakash walks you through with scenario & demos to find which exact queries are taxing production systems resources based on CPU/DISK/Memory/Network. They are all based on his own real-life experience from managing demanding database systems.

You’ll Learn How To:

✱ Detect worst performing sql queries which slows down Microsoft SQL Server performance without using profiler

✱ Key DMVs used to detect worst performing queries, along with various type of information available for those queries

✱ investigation Workflow with which you will be able to pin point a specific stored procedure/query that is the cause of the performance problem faced."