Configure Windows Server 8 ISCSI Target

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In part 4 will configure Windows Server 8 ISCSI Target to complete SQL Server 2012 Next Gen HADR labs prequisites, iSCSI is a technology which is part of Windows Server 8 which allows SCSI commands to be shared over the network to enable cheap and simple network storage options. In this Video will use domain controller to also play role of iSCSI target and create a ISCSI disk then connects to this disk over the network to VM will be using for setting up SQL Server FCI cluster. Using iSCSI initiator creates a new disk on the VM, which will format and puts into action. This is very useful for creating clustering scenarios, reduces the complexity of managing shared nothing SCSI ID’s and can be a very cost effective storage scenario. While the simple setup shown in this video works fine in a lab environment, in real life you would connect to your iSCSI disk using a dedicated high speed network cards on a private network to reduce latency.


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